Entity Ratings

Issue Ratings
  Insurer Financial Rating
Entity Ratings
  Citibank N.A.- Colombo Branch AAA(lka) Stable
  Dialog Axiata PLC AAA(lka) Stable
  Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka PLC AAA(lka) Stable
  National Savings Bank AAA(lka) Stable
  Sri Lanka Telecom PLC AAA(lka) Stable
  Standard Chartered Bank, Sri Lanka Branch AAA(lka) Stable
  Bank of Ceylon AA+(lka) Stable
  People's Bank AA+(lka) Stable
  Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC AA(lka) Stable
  Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Ltd AA(lka) Stable
  DFCC Bank AA-(lka) Negative
  Hatton National Bank PLC AA-(lka) Stable
  Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC AA-(lka) Stable
  People's Leasing & Finance PLC AA-(lka) Stable
  Central Finance Company PLC A+(lka) Stable
  Melsta Regal Finance Ltd A+(lka) Stable
  National Development Bank PLC A+(lka) Stable
  Sampath Bank PLC A+(lka) Negative
  HNB Assurance PLC A(lka) Stable
  HNB General Insurance Ltd A(lka) Stable
  HNB Grameen Finance Limited A(lka) Stable
  Nations Trust Bank PLC A(lka) Stable
  Richard Pieris and Company A(lka) Stable
  Sunshine Holdings PLC A(lka) Stable
  Continental Isurance A-(lka) Stable
  LB Finance PLC A-(lka) Stable
  Seylan Bank PLC A-(lka) Stable
  Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC A-(lka) Stable
  Siyapatha Finance Limited A-(lka) Negative
  Abans Limited BBB+(lka) Negative
  AMW Capital Leasing and Finance PLC BBB+(lka) Stable
  Senkadagala Finance PLC BBB+(lka) Stable
  HDFC Bank BBB(lka) Stable
  Singer Finance (Lanka) PLC BBB(lka) Stable
  Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC BBB-(lka) Stable
  Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC BBB-(lka) Stable
  Alliance Finance Company PLC BB+(lka) Stable
  Sanasa Development Bank Limited BB+(lka) Stable
  Sierra Cables PLC BB+(lka) Stable
  Union Bank of Colombo PLC BB+(lka) Positive
  Amana Bank PLC BB(lka) Stable
  Bimputh Finance PLC BB(lka) Stable
  Kotagala Plantations PLC B+(lka) Negative
  Ceylon Dollar Bond Fund BB-
  Ceylon Gilt-edged Fund WD
  Ceylon Income Fund WD
  DFCC Vardhana Bank WD
  DSI Holdings Limited WD
  HSBC Sri Lanka Branch WD
  John Keells Holdings PLC WD
  People's Merchant Finance PLC WD Rating Watch Negative
  Pradeshiya Sanwardhana Bank WD
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